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A startup for VC-backed startups: The financial, tax and legal solution to achieve your next investment round.

Our products

Soft Landing & Legal ​

We help you incorporate your startup in the US and be investment-ready. We work with you on the legal structure requirements of each round of funding, optimizing not only the Cap Table but also the terms and compensations that protect the founders.

We are ready to help you to set up your business from the beginning to the exit

Tax & accounting ​

Too much stress? don´t worry, we take care of your accounting and tax obligations in the US and help you to be up to date.

Focus on your passion, grow your startup.

CFO Services ​

With our fractional CFOs and Controllers, build all the information your startup needs to make decisions, report, and raise capital.

10 years helping startup founders around the world in their relationships with investors. With our Fundraising service, we know your strengths and we know what VCs are looking for.

Fractional CFO

Financial expert on-demand


We implement a chart of accounts according to your reporting checklist and we keep your accounting up to date.

Financial modeling

We analyze the financial data to generate knowledge where there were doubts before.

409a valuation

We help you understand how valuable your company is.

R&D Credit

Recover your R&D investment, paying fewer taxes.

Venture Capital Support

We know what numbers and tips you and your investors need.

Tax Compliance

We are specialists in local and international taxes for startups.

Talk with a Legal & Tax expert and launch your startup in the US from anywhere.

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